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Let Us Flex Real Quick

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As the months passed, living together brought us closer than we’d ever been. We saw the best in each other and we knew that together, we could build something amazing. At first, we didn’t know what that “something” would be. Then came some major events in the summer of 2023…


One fateful night, Livv felt an unfamiliar, intense pain in her stomach. Astonishingly, after just one week without alcohol, her health was restored. But now she was a mixologist who no longer drank. 

Livv struggled to find non-alcoholic options that excited her, so she started experimenting with her own mocktail recipes. Through countless trials and tribulations, she mastered the challenge of creating complex cocktails without alcohol! When people tried them, they couldn’t believe there was no alcohol in them. She knew this was IT, the divine idea that she and Lexx had been looking for. 


Meanwhile, Lexx was going through her own big shift. She decided it was time to stop waiting to do the things she wanted to do, so she took a leap of faith and courageously stepped away from her job to lead Revvl full-time. She embraced the unknown, confident that what was ahead of her was far greater than what was behind her.

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livv + lexx


Hey y’all!

We’re Livv + Lexx, two sisters who thanks to a beautiful twist of fate both ended up back home with our parents in our 30s. Now, don’t get it twisted. Nobody lives here for free. But our childhood home has become a haven where three generations of our family love and support each other every single day.

After graduating from business school, Lexx came home and started her dream job supporting minority and women-owned businesses in Baltimore. Meanwhile, Livv found her way back to the nest to embark on a journey of reinvention.


we are building Revvl [revel], a boldly-crafted, zero-proof cocktail. More than a mocktail, it’s a whole damn mood. 

We are building a brand that embodies who we are: proud Black women who have the courage to forge our own path, and sisters who believe that together, we can set the world on fire. 

Join us as we sip, savor, and rebel against mundane mocktails.



livv + lexx

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